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Gerardo Dottori’s hidden treasure

It has been hidden for decades under the plastering of the walls of Luisa Spagnoli’s Angora city. It is Gerardo Dottori (1884-1977)’s ‘artistic treasure’: a complete set of paintings finally brought back to life.

The story of a discovery

A lucky intuition, an extraordinary discovery

A magic place can always hide beautiful surprises. That is exactly what happened between the walls of the angora city, little workers’ town established by Mario Spagnoli. The unmistakable paintings and extraordinary mural decorations by painter Gerardo Dottori had been hiding here, hidden by the plastering of a later renovation. A priceless and beautiful heritage was in danger of being lost forever.

The restoration

Bringing back to life a heritage of beauty.

This discovery was astonishing to Nicoletta Spagnoli. Being sensitive and diligent, Luisa Spagnoli’s great granddaughter started the restoration process. By doing so, she consolidated the unbreakable links that chain together the company, the town and the talented artists who were born here. Bringing back to life Dottori’s masterpieces is the proof that combining trading and culture –since always the number one inspiration in Luisa Spagnoli’s history- is a winning choice. It is also an act that shows unconditional love for the community.

Three characters for a story of beauty

Mario Spagnoli

Mario Spagnoli, Luisa’s son and the first successor in leading the company, was a great entrepreneur, patron and intellectual man. He chose Dottori to decorate the walls of his emerging workers’ town. He firmly believed that art would have helped in creating a peaceful and stimulating working environment.

Gerardo Dottori

Born in Perugia, he was a futurist painter and signed the Aeropainting manifesto. He was one of the most prominent artists of Perugia culture. His beautiful masterpieces, depicting bright faces and landscapes and sacred images, are one the main representative works of futurist art both in Italy and abroad.

Nicoletta Spagnoli

Nicoletta Spagnoli is not only CEO and chairman of Luisa Spagnoli, but she’s also a culturally-oriented and sensitive person. She decided to bring back to life Gerardo Dottori’s works. Her efforts donated to the city of Perugia a very important heritage, both in terms of culture and society.