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"Whoever runs towards the future while forgetting their past mislays their identity"

Nicoletta Spagnoli

Gerardo Dottori’s hidden treasure

A complete set of paintings of the futurist painter has been discovered and brought back to life for the community.

A series of the futurist painter’s masterpieces has been hidden for decades under the plastering of the walls of Luisa Spagnoli’s Angora city.

Now, thanks to the efforts and sensitivity of the Spagnoli family, this treasure has been brought back to life.

History of the company

The company Luisa Spagnoli is the result of the passionate commitment of 4 generations of entrepreneurs: Luisa Spagnoli, Mario Spagnoli, Lino Spagnoli and Nicoletta Spagnoli.

The company's history began around 1928 thanks to the extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit of Luisa Spagnoli.

Born in Perugia in 1877 and gifted with extraordinary modernity and great creativity, she founded two large companies, Perugina, and Luisa Spagnoli, both of which played a major role in the process of industrialisation of Umbria and of Italy itself.

The manifesto of timeless elegance

Luisa Spagnoli: a style within style. Luisa Spagnoli and its history are intertwined with the history of international fashion, influencing it and letting itself be influenced by costume, culture and society.

It is the story of clothes, their mood, their experience and social contemporaneity that gives rise to a sense of Closeness in people. It is the history of costume, narrated at an exciting pace and through an interactive and multimedia structure. Five chapters from the early 20th century up to today to retrace the origins and evolutions of the fashions and trends of an entire century, with references to design, history and music. A common thread runs through the various decades, combining the Luisa Spagnoli world and Made in Italy tailoring with the history of 20th century costume, in a continuum between past and future, for a journey that retraces the fundamental steps of a timeless style.

The illustration of a red angora yarn permeates the entire video, a "fil rouge" that lives and enlivens, to recreate the strong bond between the Spagnoli angora, Made in Italy tailoring, the continuum between past and future.


A tale of history, tradition and culture. The story of Luisa Spagnoli is one of success founded on the great skills and creativity of a woman who marked an era, inspiring future generations


A strong identity, a highly personal style and undisputed quality are the characteristics which still today identify the Luisa Spagnoli universe.

It is a world which uses a language that is related to elegance, refinement, taste and contemporaneity.

Fabrics and yarns are selected to guarantee the highest refinement of each knit garment and design. The cutting-edge technology combining with the careful control of all production stages ensure the most important competitive advantage, that is the Italian style.


An efficient and modern network of direct sales points is the key to the success of the Luisa Spagnoli‘s business strategy.

The brand operates in Italy with 152 mono-brand stores and 41 in the rest of the world. Each store on national territory, as elsewhere in the world, represents the image of the brand today.

The logistical activities are supported by a sophisticated automation system from the storing of the garments to the shipping to the stores.

It is an important technological innovation able to guarantee a high level of service both in quality and delivery time.


Refinement, innovation, tradition in complete balance, transformation of the clothing lines and experimentation with new styles are all part of the Luisa Spagnoli philosophy.

Creativity and quality as indisputable points of the product, remain the characteristics of a brand that has used the synergy between past, present and future with great care all these years.

A continuity that does not exclude an evolution of the dress forms nor assiduous research related to certain standards of care that contribute to maintaining the qualities of the product high.

A reality for women that follows the audacity and the essence of its founder, Luisa Spagnoli, characterised by the careful management of human capital as an important factor that has always accompanied the company.