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Under the guidance of Nicoletta Spagnoli, a process of restyling of the brand is begun through the creation of collections which are characterized by a fresher and more attractive image, without overlooking the positive qualities that are traditionally present in Luisa Spagnoli: an elevated intrinsic quality of the product, an offering of no overstated fashion characterisations, a great quality-price ratio, sophistication and class.

The result is a repositioning of the brand, which has become the standard for satisfying the demand for trusted elegance, transversing all clothing styles and age groups.

It is also thanks to this new repositioning of the brand, that in the national view of women's clothing, the Luisa Spagnoli company today represents a prestigious brand with considerable visibility and attractiveness that is able to transmit the image of a company in step with the times, offer a high quality product and attract an ever wider clientele.

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