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Luisa Spagnoli, already known for her many industrial and agricultural activities, was the first to detect these deficiencies. At her Santa Lucia farm, she began experimenting with the selection of the Angora rabbit.

During the same period, by harnessing the ability of Italian women to spin by hand, she achieved results never before obtained with regard to the subtlety and the uniformity of the yarn. Thus the first Italian Angora clothing was born, which was immediately a great success.

The Spagnoli garments, for the texture of the fabric, the classical nature and elegance of the lines and the harmony of colours, immediately aroused the favour of buyers, both Italian and foreign, who considered them far superior to all the angora products on the market at the time. This is how the requirements for a new and purely Italian business were established, designed to exploit the valuable characteristics of a domestic raw material.

Luisa Spagnoli Mario Spagnoli Lino Spagnoli Nicoletta Spagnoli