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The manifesto of timeless elegance

Luisa Spagnoli: a style within style. Luisa Spagnoli and its history are intertwined with the history of international fashion, influencing it and letting itself be influenced by costume, culture and society.

It is the story of clothes, their mood, their experience and social contemporaneity that gives rise to a sense of Closeness in people. It is the history of costume, narrated at an exciting pace and through an interactive and multimedia structure. Five chapters from the early 20th century up to today to retrace the origins and evolutions of the fashions and trends of an entire century, with references to design, history and music. A common thread runs through the various decades, combining the Luisa Spagnoli world and Made in Italy tailoring with the history of 20th century costume, in a continuum between past and future, for a journey that retraces the fundamental steps of a timeless style.

The illustration of a red angora yarn permeates the entire video, a "fil rouge" that lives and enlivens, to recreate the strong bond between the Spagnoli angora, Made in Italy tailoring, the continuum between past and future.

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